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A Tool to Train Supervisors on HR in as Little as 10 Minutes

Supervisors are expert in their areas, but these days they need to know HR. too. Here’s a way to train them on 50 key skills in record-setting time.

A recent HR Daily Advisor article suggested that before you spend the time and effort to do job training, find out if training is the answer to your specific workforce need.

One area in which that’s clearly the case is training supervisors on HR. This is a group that urgently needs this knowledge because any HR miscue—wrongly asked interview questions, rashly decided employment actions, or improper recordkeeping—can get your company in major trouble.

OK, you have to train supervisors. That leads to the next set of questions: How much time will it take, and how much of a budget?

The answer: not much of either.

Welcome to the world of instant training … programs designed to teach in minutes what previously took hours of preparation and meeting time. Let’s take BLR’s 10-Minute HR Trainer as an example. This program can help you train your supervisors on 50 key HR topics in as little as 10 minutes each.

The key to doing it is the training module, a set of prewritten, reproducible materials that establish a goal, provide needed information, allow trainees to practice the skill, and then provide handouts or other reinforcements to make the learning stick. All in minutes.

Let’s examine one such module from 10-Minute HR Trainer on the vital subject of handling conflict in the workplace. Click on this link to see it, then return to this page for an explanation of how and why it works.

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As you can see, the module takes learners through four key steps:

Step #1: Set the Learning Objective

Every lesson starts with learning objectives. They focus the participants’ minds on where the lesson is going and keep the trainer on track, as well. In 10-Minute HR Trainer lessons, you’ll find two objectives clearly stated in a goals summary at the top of the reproducible.

Step #2: Supply the Information

Just as you program a computer, you need to program your learners by feeding them information. That’s best done in concept groupings, or “chunks,” as some trainers call them. This 10-Minute HR Trainer lesson breaks conflict resolution into four chunks: the effects of conflict, how to control personal feelings, how to intervene in the conflicts of others, and what actions to take if others can’t resolve their conflicts.

Finally, there’s a one-paragraph summary that serves as the lesson’s takeaway. If the only thing trainees remember is this section, they have received a valuable lesson. The summary in this lesson: “When people come together, some are going to clash … It’s important to resolve conflicts before they get out of hand to have a reasonably cooperative, productive work environment.”

Step # 3: Test the Learning

Tests tell both trainer and participants just how much was learned and pinpoint where more instruction is needed. The tests in 10-Minute HR Trainer include answer keys right on the back so participants can score themselves, and feedback is immediate.

Step #4: Later Reinforcement

In a concept called “time on task,” the longer that learners interact with the material, the more likely they will retain it. That’s the reason top lesson planners include a handout that can be reviewed later. This 10-Minute HR Trainer module uses a “case study” that trainees can reread or even use with others in their work areas. Other modules use mini-posters, checklists, forms, and cartoon art to drive the message home … even when the learner is home.

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“Handling Conflict” is one of some 50 critical HR-related subjects your supervisors will learn from this program. For the full Table of Contents, click below.

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Program Updates Included at No Extra Cost

HR is not a static field. There are always new developments on both the legal and best practices fronts, and any good program should keep up with them. 10-Minute HR Trainer does so through quarterly updates and a monthly newsletter, both included in the initial price. To see a sample of the Training Forum newsletter, click below.

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For all the reasons above, we suggest you take advantage of the no-cost opportunity to evaluate this program in your own office. Click the link below for full information on how to do it.

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