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Forge the Crucial Link in the Antidiscrimination Compliance Chain

Discrimination is a wider issue than most workers realize. Here’s a program that gives them a panoramic view of the problem, so you get wider protection against its consequences.

A recent Daily Advisor article discussed the legal aspects of discrimination and how to avoid a lawsuit. The law in this case is pretty clear for all to see.

That doesn’t mean everyone sees it. For it’s a fact of life that there’s no direct link between the lawmakers and the people in your production areas. And no assurance that if the politicos say something will be so, that on the work floor, it actually will.

The crucial link in the compliance chain is you. The way you forge that link is with workplace policy, training that equips employees with awareness of the policy, and the information they need to follow it.

That’s why we’d like to bring to your attention one of the best training products we’ve seen on the subject of discrimination. It’s a PowerPoint® plus Booklet training kit called Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace.

Aimed at both your supervisors and rank and file, the kit imparts this key information:

–A Wider View of Discrimination: Your workers will learn the several protected classes, including race/color, gender, national origin, religion, age, and disability. But they’ll also learn the fine points of each class. Discrimination against race/color, for example, doesn’t mean bias based only on skin color, but also bias based on stereotypes of what people with that skin color are like.

–Who Discrimination Really Hurts. Most employees can empathize with those who don’t get a job or lose job chances because of discrimination. What’s less apparent … and explained by the program … is the effect on the organization. Morale, productivity, and employee retention all suffer. When workers discover that discrimination hurts everyone, they’re more likely to cooperate in your efforts to stem it.

–Forms of Discrimination Not Usually Talked About. Bias against race and religion are much in the news. Not so discrimination against pregnant women and use of a foreign language, or discriminatory practices in compensation. These additional forms of discrimination are explored and explained.

–Harassment and Retaliation. Where workers may think of discrimination as biased acts of hiring, firing, or loss of opportunity, the law also sees it in the creation of a hostile workplace environmentand in acts designed to punish those who report the problem. Both these related areas are detailed.

In sum, the Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace program gives a wider view of discrimination than do most other sources, so your workers gain a deeper understanding of the issues. In doing so, you gain wider protection against illegal acts occurring in your workplace.

To learn more or to order Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace, click here.

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