Biggest Challenges for 2011? Let’s Find Out

By Stephen D. Bruce, PHR
Editor, HR Daily Advisor

What will the biggest challenges of 2011 be for HR managers? One thing is sure—it’s going to be an interesting year. We’d like to find out what your particular concerns are


In 2010, the challenges facing HR were as big as ever. You faced:

  • Workers who were in the “economic recovery” mindset and demanding raises to match—even though your organization is still firmly in the “digging out” phase.
  • An extension of the COBRA subsidy, leading to paperwork and recordkeeping headaches
  • Ever-changing developments relating to social media
  • The continued push for “easier than ever” unions
  • Pending federal leave laws
  • And much more…

There is no doubt that as 2011 approaches these challenges are evolving and there are sure to be new challenges in the coming year.

Please take two minutes to complete a very brief survey on the 2011 concerns for HR. We’ll report the results and finding in a future issue of the HR Daily Advisor.

Take the 2011 HR Concerns Survey

What are your hot buttons? Some of the ones which have been identified by the HR Daily Advisor community of over 200,000+ HR professionals recently are:

  • Healthcare costs and requirements? We’re sure there will be battles over this issue, but most experts seem to think that significant repeal is unlikely.
  • Speaking of health care costs, how about wellness programs. Do they work?
  • FMLA paid leave initiatives. Is this legislation still viable?
  • Social networking and blogging. You can’t turn around without running into this one.
  • Corporate social responsibility and the green movement. Customers and employees are watching.
  • Increasing investigations by the DOL, EEOC, and IRS. You can’t forget the basics.
  • DOL’s proposal that would require a written classification analysis on every exempt employee. Nightmare, or just writing down what you do already?
  • Possible new FLSA recordkeeping requirements for exempt employees
  • Retirement of Baby Boomers. No secret this is coming, but what to do?

Please take just two minutes (we guarantee you’ll be done in two minutes) to click on the link and take the five-question survey.

Take the 2011 HR Concerns Survey

Thanks for your participation. We’ll report on the results in a future issue (and we’ll use the results in our editorial planning as well).


Stephen D. Bruce, PhD, PHR
Editor, HR Daily Advisor

Take the 2011 HR Concerns Survey

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