That's What She Said

Michael Gives Up the Mic

Litigation Value: $0.00 for Gabe’s intentional infliction of emotional distress lawsuit against Erin. Stanley’s ADA action for his diabetes is primed and ready.

Michael’s final turn hosting the Dundies reminds us why The Office has been a source of so much material since this Blog launched five years ago.  Just about every award could be evidence in a future discrimination or harassment lawsuit — “Hottest in the Office,” “Diabetes Award,” “Cutest Redhead in the Office,” “Extreme Repulsiveness.”  If Michael misses his colleagues, he may get a chance to see them again … at his deposition.

Gabe likely feels aggrieved and may be tempted to sue Erin for the emotional distress she caused by using her acceptance speech as an opportunity to dump him in public. But Gabe should think twice before filing suit. In Sanders v. Rosen, a New York court refused to recognize termination of a romantic relationship as the basis for an emotional distress action. Most jurisdictions, however, do recognize a cause of action for stalking. Move on, Gabe. You should know better than to date a subordinate.

Michael has one episode left and we’ll miss him. So, apparently, will the Scranton branch. Kudos to them on their version of “Seasons of Love.” Positive morale and a team atmosphere go a long way to reducing litigation in the long run. We can overlook how much work time they must have wasted writing the lyrics. Michael was obviously touched. “Something’s happening!”

That’s what Michael said. What do you say? Let us know.


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