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Lessons on Accommodating Anxiety Disorders

“Birthdays were invented to sell Hallmark cards.” – Ron Swanson If you’ve ever watched the show “Parks and Recreation,” you know Leslie Knope lives for birthdays, but her boss, Ron Swanson, hates them. In one episode, Leslie pranks Ron by pretending to plan an elaborate birthday party for him, and he has a meltdown. The […]

Four Steps to Take if Employee Has Mental or Emotional Issues

Employees who exhibit what appear to be mental or emotional issues while in the workplace or performing their job duties present some of the most difficult situations for employers. They may have a disability you may be required to accommodate under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They also may, at times at least, be […]

Broader workplace harassment claims: Is Canada becoming more litigious?

by Shane Todd Can a Canadian employee sue an employer for harassment that is not related to a discrimination claim? The answer used to be “no.” But that’s changing. In most jurisdictions across Canada, an employee could sue or file a human rights application for harassment related to unlawful discrimination. An employee could file a […]

Andy Goes Soft

Litigation value: $200,000 for Andy’s severe emotional distress. Possible future litigation for his termination. Not subtle. Not subtle at all. Nellie has already usurped Andy’s manager status. Then she hauls Andy and his coworkers into a conference room and writes “IMPOTENCE” in bright red letters on the flip chart. Robert California sits there, amused by […]

Straight Shooter

Litigation Value: Take out your checkbook, Jo. Major bucks to Andy for negligent retention and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Dwight should be prepared to pony up as well, since Andy will be sure to hit him with assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress claims. Andy might even find himself the owner of a […]

Michael Gives Up the Mic

Litigation Value: $0.00 for Gabe’s intentional infliction of emotional distress lawsuit against Erin. Stanley’s ADA action for his diabetes is primed and ready. Michael’s final turn hosting the Dundies reminds us why The Office has been a source of so much material since this Blog launched five years ago.  Just about every award could be evidence […]

Season of Mercy

Last night’s Moroccan Christmas episode is one of my favorites, and as usual, it offered plenty of what-not-to-dos.  At the center of the episode was Michael’s forced intervention with Meredith about her alcohol (porn?) addiction.  But there was also something else at play in the episode.  There was some serious bullying going on. Phyllis finally […]

The Envelope, Please

Litigation cost: $0 – $50,000 Even though NBC is taking a break from The Office this week, we aren’t. The latest webisode, “Blackmail,” may be short but it packs a potential punch for Dunder Mifflin. Creed wreaks quiet havoc by gathering his colleagues’ best-kept secrets and using them to extort favors or a paltry $6 […]

Phyllis vs. The Wolf

Litigation Value: $2,000 for intentional infliction of emotional distress (caused by seeing Al Roker dance a jig before the commercial break) Watching the cast of The Office take on a group of American Gladiators in Celebrity Family Feud was just too great an opportunity for me to pass up last night. I was happy to […]

Hunter Caught a Cougar

LITIGATION VALUE:  $200,000 (should Hunter lose interest in Jan and sue); $30,000+ (in emotional distress for those who had to witness Jan’s “love dance”). You know it’s a funny episode when you laugh out loud, even though you are all by yourself — and you’ve seen it before!  For the second time, “Dinner Party” does not disappoint.  Tonight’s […]