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Wal-Mart Class Action Update: Great News for Employers

In a very positive development for employers, the U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed the massive class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart. The lawsuit claimed that the organization systematically paid women less and did not provide equal opportunity for advancement.

In April, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers California) allowed the sex discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart to continue as a class action. The case had the potential to be the largest workplace discrimination case in the history of the United States, with over 1.5 million women. But yesterday’s decision leaves only the original seven women to pursue individual claims.

This ruling, unsurprisingly, comes as a great sigh of relief to employers around the country. We’ll have additional details on the case, and what it means for your workplace policies and potential for liability, in an upcoming issue of the California Employer Advisor.

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