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Boldest Applicant is the Best Applicant . . . Sometimes

I find it hard to believe that my fellow bloggers have overlooked the most obvious choice for Michael Scott’s replacement: Fred Henry, played by Will Arnett. After all, who else during their interview promised to deliver a plan that would double the branch’s profits? Undoubtedly, Mr. Henry’s strategy was the boldest and most innovative of any applicant. While Dwight’s strategy of bribing the interviewing committee was certainly gutsy, it was also illegal, and therefore, he is disqualified as a viable candidate.

Mr. Henry explained that he had a three-step plan to double the Scranton branch’s profits. Wisely, when the committee asked Mr. Henry to reveal his plan, he refused, stating, “nice try.” As pointed out by Mr. Henry, had he revealed his plan so easily, he would have lost any leverage that the plan afforded him. Instead, he promised to reveal the plan upon being hired. When pressed, he gave in slightly and revealed “part three of part two” of the plan, which consisted of “Color Codes….Send Documents….T.W.” Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. OK, maybe not brilliant, but at least he’s creative and knows how to bargain. While I’m not sure I would advise my clients to hire an applicant who engages in aggressive bargaining during an interview, bargaining during an interview can be appropriate under the right circumstances.

On the other hand, bargaining can go too far. For example, according to a survey conducted by Monster, one job candidate promised to tattoo the corporate logo on himself upon being hired. While employers like eager candidates, desperation rarely impresses. Another applicant challenged the interviewer to an arm wrestling match. Again, bold but ill-advised. For an amusing read about some of the most outrageous interview blunders of all time, including the phone interview that ended with a flush, follow this link.

I still stand by my recommendation for Fred Henry / Will Arnett. He’s bold. He speaks French . . . boldly. He’s from Canada. And who knows, the branch could double its money.

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