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The Impact of L&D on Revenue

It’s hard to dispute the benefits of employee training. Employees who are better trained tend to adhere more closely to company policies, be more up to date on key skills, be better communicators, and have a greater sense of commitment to their employers than employees who aren’t offered training. Investments in Training Lagging Still, so […]

5 Managerial Habits That Cause Tension in the Workplace (and 5 Ways to Correct Them)

Managing a workforce isn’t easy. You have to meet your company’s needs while also meeting the needs of your staff—a delicate and difficult balance to strike, especially in the ever-changing landscape of new technologies and hybrid office models. No matter how much things change, the foundation of a functional workplace still comes down to one […]

What Questions Will Candidates Ask?

A recent survey by Zety of 500 professionals yielded some interesting results. It sought to understand the most common questions interviewers expected candidates to ask, as well as the most common questions asked by interviewers. The results also explored some of the most bizarre questions asked by either candidates or interviewers and hiring managers’ worst […]


78% of Jobseekers Say They Want to Work for Diverse Companies

Just because there’s a global pandemic taking place doesn’t mean your diversity efforts should take a back seat. New survey findings released by SurveyMonkey reveal jobseeker sentiments on the candidate experience in the hiring process, and one thing is clear: Having a diverse process will be vital in the years ahead.


Employers Predict Most Furloughed Workers Will Return by Q1 2021

Were you one of the many employers that brought workers back in late spring, only to furlough or lay them off in early summer due to rising rates of the coronavirus? If so, you’re not alone, but now that your workers have been furloughed again the next question becomes: when can we really bring them […]


Employers Are Failing at the Employee Experience

While there is a lot on everyone’s mind these days due to COVID-19, new survey findings reveal that the employee experience is the farthest thing from employers’ minds, as only 17% of respondents say their employers offer an “exceptional” experience.


Leveraging Lunch and Learns to Boost Analytics Skills

“Data, data everywhere and not a thought to think” is a quote that has been attributed to John Allen Paulos, a professor of mathematics at Temple University. It’s a sentiment that is increasingly apt. We are surrounded by data of all kinds these days—so much data that making sense of them can be increasingly difficult.


Remote Work as a Key Job Skill

With the sudden and ongoing shift to remote work for millions of American employees, many are starting to speculate that working from home (WFH) may be part of the “new normal” in a post-COVID world, even after the necessity of the work arrangement has passed.


Global Assignments Boost Employee Development

Despite COVID-19, there is still a push for global mobility, and companies are taking advantage of the trend by expanding their operations and markets internationally. As they do, opportunities emerge for employees to take on global assignments that many find both challenging and rewarding.