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78% of Jobseekers Say They Want to Work for Diverse Companies

Just because there’s a global pandemic taking place doesn’t mean your diversity efforts should take a back seat. New survey findings released by SurveyMonkey reveal jobseeker sentiments on the candidate experience in the hiring process, and one thing is clear: Having a diverse process will be vital in the years ahead.

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SurveyMonkey partnered with Living Corporate to conduct the online survey from September 16, 2020, through September 30, 2020, which featured a national sample of 2,664 adult, SurveyMonkey users. Key insights are highlighted below.

Diverse Cultures Are Important to Jobseekers

According to the findings, 79% of jobseekers “say it is important that they work for a place that hires people from diverse backgrounds, with greater proportions among women and persons of color.” Fifty-two percent of blacks, 44% of Hispanics, 44% of Asians, and 41% of women say it is “very important” they work for a place that hires people from diverse backgrounds. Yet only 34% of people say they meet with a diverse set of interviewers.

Race/Gender Impacts Chances of Landing an Interview

For diverse talent who do apply for the job, many say they aren’t offered an interview based on their diverse backgrounds. When it comes to race, 46% of black women and 49% of black men say they aren’t offered an interview, compared with just 6% of white women and 13% of white men. As for gender, 35% of black women say their gender hurts their chances, compared with just 25% of white women.

Pay Ranks High, But it’s Not the Only Thing That Is Important

Despite differences in appearances, one thing ALL talent pools have in common is higher compensation. “Majorities cite higher pay as the most important factor when deciding to accept a new job offer,” says the survey findings. “This is true across gender, race, age groups, and job levels.”

Pay is all well and good, but it’s not the only reason jobseekers are looking for new employers. According to SurveyMonkey, 65% of women rank flexible working arrangements third in importance—behind pay and career growth—as a top reason for seeking out new employers, compared with just 54% of men.

Additionally, more women (48%) compared with men (42%) are likely to believe in the company’s mission or values, and 46% of women vs. 42% of men hope to have a good relationship with their potential new manager.

While the coronavirus pandemic has turned hiring on its head, jobseekers are making their voices clear on what they expect of potential employers. Are you equipped to provide the diverse experiences jobseekers are demanding? To learn more about this survey, click here.

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