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Free Report Friday– Legal Performance Appraisals; 10 Tips for Effective

Performance appraisals can help strengthen your case if you’re sued by an employee. Providing an inadequate evaluation, or no evaluation at all, can be used against you with devastating results. Juries tend to come down hard on employers who don’t appear to have given an employee a chance to improve.

And employees with no bad reviews who suddenly find themselves fired are justifiably shocked — and more likely to sue you for wrongful termination.

Your best defense is to demonstrate a pattern of careful documentation and counseling
with all employees.

ERI’s exclusive White Paper, 10 Tips for Effective, Legal Performance Appraisals, provides 10 tips for building up a solid defense so it’s there in case you ever need it. It also includes a 4-point checklist to make sure that your performance appraisals are legally sound.

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