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Splish Splash

Litigation Value:  California and his cohorts swimming nude in front of employees = far too much to calculate; Andy trying to get his “monog” on = one trip to the hospital for an oxygen-deprived Dwight; and Kevin getting to create a party without the party planning committee’s input = priceless.

This was certainly not our first Dunder Mifflin party, but it was our first Office pool party which meant much hilarity and debauchery.  My colleague thoroughly covered this episode when it first aired in January.  As this period of re-runs continues, I wanted to take this opportunity to go over my top 5 tips for work-related pool parties. 

1.  Ask yourself whether a work-related pool party is ever a good idea.  Do you really want to see (or be seen by) your coworkers in swim gear?  I thought not.

2.  If you do decide to attend/host a work-related pool party, please keep your bathing suit on at all times.  Leaping into the water and swimming happily around in all your naked glory can only lead to regret (and a new nickname around the office, assuming you are still employed).

3.  While chicken fighting in the pool, please try not to strangle the person who is holding you in the air, especially if he has kindly agreed to assist you in an ill-conceived plot to win back your lost office love.

4.  Never ever offer to play erotica for your host, especially your boss, even if he does indeed have the right cords to sync with your iPhone as well as a room devoted to viewing erotic cinema.

5.  Resist the temptation to engage in the dangerous game of chugging wine straight from the bottle, even if your host offers you expensive bottles from his wine closet because he is mourning the nights that never were and hoping for one last hoorah.

Robert California has managed to make quite a splash in his short time with The Office.  That’s what we say.  What do you say?

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