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Welcome Back, Wallace

While this blogger is sad to bid farewell to Robert California, the news of David Wallace’s return to the company is certainly exciting. In honor of his triumphant return as CEO of Dunder Mifflin, below is a list of my favorite Wallace moments.

1. The basketball game at Wallace’s house. After Wallace and Jim sneak out of the cocktail party to play basketball, Wallace sees Dwight standing on his roof and kicking his fireplace as part of Dwight’s unsolicited house inspection. Wallace and Jim’s reaction? Continue playing basketball.

2. Wallace revealing to Michael that the corporate position Michael is interviewing for is actually his then-girlfriend Jan’s position. Who didn’t see Jan’s subsequent meltdown coming? Wallace was ever the professional, even when Jan accused him of firing her because of her breast implants. 

3. Wallace’s heartfelt apology to Michael after the infamous deposition. It looks like honesty is the best policy, even if it means telling Michael that Wallace never seriously considered him for the corporate position.

4. Suck It. After losing his CFO position, Wallace may have looked like a shell of his former self, but he had a dream — spearhead the production of a new device to clean up children’s clutter. The name? Suck It. Even a ready-made That’s What She Said joke was not enough to convince Michael to team up with Wallace.

5. Wallace’s return. Looks like Michael may regret his decision not to team up with Wallace. It turns out that Wallace’s invention has been a huge success, and he is in a position to buy out Sabre. Welcome back, Wallace, though you probably owe Andy an apology for messing up his delicious moment.

Please share with us your favorite Wallace moments. What do you think about Robert California’s departure?


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