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Trick or Treat: Employee Hands Out Pot Brownies to Employees

We’ve covered a fair share of office pranks. The lighter ones usually involve a desk object, like a coffee mug glued to the desk, but others are more extreme and can get employees into serious trouble—faking a robbery, using a taser on colleagues, etc.

A former San Diego bus driver has now joined the ranks of going too far with a prank by handing out pot brownies at work. The coworkers were also bus drivers, who reportedly had to pull over and call in for replacements once the brownies began to affect them.

“The positive side to this incident is that our bus operators followed procedure to the letter, and our supervisors acted quickly to protect our passengers and the public,” said Paul Jablonski, chief executive officer of San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS).

His coworkers maintain that they didn’t know the brownies were laced with marijuana. Initially the MTS wanted the drivers to go to drug counseling before being reinstated, a requirement the two of the employees contested. The MTS has reportedly since dropped that requirement for the two drivers.

We did a little searching, and this isn’t the first time pot brownies have made their way into the workplace. Last year, a Canadian woman unknowingly brought brownies laced with marijuana into work to share with friends. She had found the brownies in the freezer, which her son had baked a year earlier and apparently, forgot about. After a few coworkers had to go to the hospital, the police soon figured out what happened.

In another incident, a man brought pot brownies to work and left them on a coworker’s desk, who he let in on the secret. The woman thought it was a joke. However, when she returned to her desk she found her daughter, who had already had a few bites of the laced desert. Her daughter soon became ill and was taken to the hospital.

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