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Strange Sightings at Company Parties

In a new survey from The Creative Group, advertising and marketing executives were asked to recount the wackiest or most outrageous thing they have heard of an employee doing at a company event, such as a holiday party or outing.

Here are some of the funnier responses from a press release about the survey:

  • An employee threw his coworker in a lagoon!
  • A person rode naked on a Ferris wheel.
  • All the bosses wore boxer briefs.
  • Someone drove a golf cart into a river. He jumped out before the cart went into the water.
  • We caught an employee going through everyone’s desk while we were partying.
  • An employee shattered a glass table.
  • An employee broke his leg climbing a wall.
  • Someone fell out of a loft and landed hard on a cobblestone floor.
  • One coworker brought all of his relatives.
  • One coworker came to a Christmas party with a bag of Tupperware® so she could pack up all the leftovers.
  • An employee brought a cocker spaniel to a work event— and the dog relieved himself by the refreshments.  
  • A person left the event wearing someone else’s shoes.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever witnessed at a holiday party? Leave a comment below or submit your story here.

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