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Outsource SM Background Checks? Pros and Cons

Yesterday’s Advisor featured attorney Kevin McCormick’s tips for social media sleuthing; today, his take on outsourcing social media searches, plus news of an upcoming free webcast on talent management.

Several consumer reporting agencies specialize in social media searches, McCormick says. For example,

  • Social Intelligence. This California start-up is “FTC-approved” in that an investigation was conducted with no charges. It compiles red flags from public social media sources, including drug use, racism, etc.
  • Reppify. Creates a “job fit score.”
  • Identified. Does candidate “scoring” based on Facebook profile.

Basically, it’s akin to drug tests where the medical review officer gives a pass/fail report to the employer, McCormick says. These social media search companies are saying that they will sanitize the information before it is passed on to the employer. “I haven’t seen any useful information come from these sources,” says McCormick.

Chair of the Labor and Employment Section of Baltimore law firm Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP, McCormick is also a member of the 50-state Employers Counsel Network. His remarks came at the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium held recently in Las Vegas.

Benefits to Outsourcing Social Media Searches

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  • Separation between social media investigation and recruiting team reduces chances of discovering information regarding protected classes.
  • Vendor may be able to better focus on job-relevant issues.
  • More thorough search may lessen negligent hiring risks.
  • May reduce risk of appearance of invasion of privacy.
  • May reduce risk of interference with concerted activities.

Costs to Outsourcing Social Media Searches

  • Consumer reports require Fair Credit Reporting Act and state equivalent compliance.
  • Additional costs on top of regular background checks.
  • May collect information irrelevant to success in workplace.
  • May create appearance of discrimination.

Handling Protected Class Information Revealed in Social Media Searches

McCormick offers the following suggestions for coping with social media search issues:

  • Request “redactions” from third-party vendors and consumer reporting agencies of protected information.
  • Rely on topic-neutral social media sources (e.g., public Twitter and Facebook accounts vs. posts on
  • Stick to public content.
  • Notify applicants of policy.
  • Comply with terms of service for each social media site searched.
  • Do not coerce passwords or access during interviews.
  • Be consistent.
  • Have in-house reports prepared and summarized by personnel not directly involved in the hiring process.

Social media challenges—actually all manner of technical challenges—are the issues of the day, and technology and talent management are becoming the top issue for many organizations.

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