That's What She Said

Stanley Knievel

Litigation value:  Stanley can sue Dwight blind for his bull dart assault.

This is an employment law blog.  So when tonight’s episode opened, and I saw that Dwight had shut down the building’s elevator for repair, leaving the stairwell as the only option to reach Dunder Mifflin’s offices, I thought it might be interesting to explore the ADA’s regulations on elevators in public buildings.  Or maybe Stanley’s adamant refusal to attend the school district sales pitch was an opportunity to discuss the definition of insubordination. Such interesting choices.

And then Dwight shot Stanley with a triple dose of bull tranquilizers, encased him in bubble wrap, and slid him down the stairs headfirst.

Not only has Dwight violated Dunder Mifflin’s workplace violence policy (again) but he likely also violated the company’s drug and alcohol policy. Tranquilizers are a controlled substance, and I doubt Dwight has a prescription. Mose, maybe, but not Dwight. When we write about the rerun, maybe we can address whether Stanley’s treatment for his tranq addiction is covered by Dunder Mifflin’s health plan.

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