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Pandemic Create New Threats and Exacerbate Old Ones

The workplace has never been immune from human problems, including disagreements among employees, arguments, physical threats, drug abuse, and violence. Safety and HR professionals work hard to minimize and mitigate such threats. Whenever the landscape of humanity changes, such as during a pandemic, novel threats arise that require, above all else, novel awareness.


When Hiring Temporary Employees Is Beneficial

Hiring temporary employees is a growing trend and not just around the holiday season. In 2018, 51% of employers surveyed by CareerBuilder were planning to hire temporary employees, compared to 44% that were seeking full-time talent.


Most Common Reasons for Employee Discipline

Employee discipline is something everyone in any organization wants to avoid. Obviously, discipline is a negative experience for the employee subject to discipline, but it’s also one of the least favorite parts of the job for managers and HR professionals as well.

Quebec City shootings: What can we learn from this tragedy?

By Brian Smeenk Six innocent men were shot in the back while praying in a Quebec City mosque on January 29. The apparently racially motivated act of violence makes us all pause to reflect. How could this happen? In a peaceful city like that? In a peaceful country like Canada? What is happening in our […]

Stanley Knievel

Litigation value:  Stanley can sue Dwight blind for his bull dart assault. This is an employment law blog.  So when tonight’s episode opened, and I saw that Dwight had shut down the building’s elevator for repair, leaving the stairwell as the only option to reach Dunder Mifflin’s offices, I thought it might be interesting to […]