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Reader’s Story: The Creepy Coworker

We recently ran an article about a survey on odd desk décor. Among examples were a live pig, a lava lamp, and paper dolls.

One SBT reader wrote in about an employee who had his own weird way to personalize his workspace. Here’s the story:

“We had an employee who was apparently granted a bit too much privacy in his work area …. One day when he had called in sick, his manager needed to use this work area himself, and discovered some rather strange things in there! 

“The worst and weirdest was a Britney Spears CD–with the cover picture of Britney’s face replaced with that of a female coworker! CREEPY! There was also underwear in there (his own, we assumed) and a half pack of cigarettes even though this employee doesn’t smoke (we suspected that too belonged to the same female coworker!)”

Thanks for sharing your story, SBT reader.

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