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Best of SBT: Animals in the Workplace

Sticking with this week’s animal-themed direction, we’ve gathered a few of the most popular SBTs featuring two-, four-, and eight-legged friends.

Monkey Business—Monkeys have been useful in maintaining order.  The first example was a langur monkey that was charged with patrolling trains for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, in India.  The langur—who had a handler at all times—was brought on the payroll after wild monkeys began boarding the train and scaring passengers. In addition to train security, langur monkeys are similarly employed around the grounds of parliament and some government buildings in New Delhi.

A Scary, Hairy Last Day—On the last day at his job at a retail store, a man decided to pull a prank on a colleague. In addition to a resignation letter, the man delivered a Mexican red-kneed tarantula to a coworker (in a box). This type of spider is large and hairy, with a leg span that can reach 10 inches!

Rodent Control Officer—Colleagues at a Connecticut town hall joined together in support of one of their own, Miss Rascal, an in-house Rodent Control Officer. The feline, who was described as always going beyond her job description by greeting visitors in addition to her vermin-patrolling duties, needed help with medical bills.

Best Not to Smoke Pot While Tending to Bears—Readers were shocked to hear about a court decision that ruled a park worker who was mauled by a bear was entitled to workers’ comp. Why? The man admits to smoking marijuana the day of the attack.

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