Use Summer to Motivate Employees

McBean, author of The Facts of Business Life: What Every Successful Business Owner Knows That You Don’t (Wiley, October 2012,), encourages employers not to wait until fall to review and adjust company directions. Especially if changes will involve employee training and/or hiring and training new employees.

Most business owners probably look at the summer as the time their employees check out for a bit. They go on vacation or daydream about it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Great employers know how to use the summer to motivate their staffs.

“One great way to motivate employees is to set a pre-holiday objective and an end-of-summer goal,” says McBean. “A pre-holiday objective is the set-up for the overall summer goal. For example, let’s say your end-of-summer goal is to increase the number of air conditioning services or brake work compared to last year by 50 percent. So your pre-holiday objective will be some portion of the overall summer expectation. You would then develop a promotion or a summertime special around air conditioning and brakes, giving your employees an opportunity to upsell your customers on a special limited time offer.

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“Keep in mind that most employees are looking for extra summertime cash, so give it to them for a job well done,” he adds. “It keeps them focused before they leave for vacation and ‘hungry’ when they return. And when the summer is over, your company will have had higher sales and profits from and will be focused on the last 3 months, ‘springboarding’ your business for a great year and strong finish.”

Rock Star Managers and Motivators

Being a highly successful supervisor requires a fundamentally different skill set than it did even five years ago. Your managers are under new pressures to do more with less and derive more value from each employee. It can be hard them to think about being a progressive and inspirational leader when they are just trying to meet daily job demands.

Most productive employees leave an organization because of something their supervisor is doing—or not doing. Whether leaders find themselves too overwhelmed with responsibilities to take an active interest in employee development or haven’t received the proper leadership training to inspire creativity, take risks, and cultivate project ownership, the result is the same.

Don’t wait until your best employee walks out the door. Help your supervisors learn how to better manage, motivate, and inspire in even the most challenging times.

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