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What Are Your Workers Thankful For?

What do you think workers are most thankful for this holiday season? Having friendly colleagues beat out supportive managers, according to a recent survey.

The OfficeTeam survey asked respondents, “Aside from salary, what are you most thankful for at your current job?” Here are the top five responses:


    Friendly coworkers—24%
    Good benefits program —20%
    Easy commute—16%
    Challenging assignments—15%
    Supportive manager —11%


When you consider the number of hours spent in the workplace, it’s no wonder that employees want to spend it with friends. While this was a widespread belief, it appears age may play a small part. Respondents over the age of 65 were most thankful for friendly coworkers (40%), followed by those between the ages of 18 and 34 (34%).


Unfortunately, coworkers aren’t always so cordial. Different opinions and personalities can lead to workplace rivalries.


Do you have any tales about feuding colleagues? Share your story below and it could be used in the next SBT column!

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