HR Strange But True

The Sweet (?) Smell of Workplace Security

You may soon need to ban the use of fragrances in your workplace—even if no one is allergic. Why? Because you may be using your employees’ unique body odors as their security IDs.

While biometric security systems based on iris patterns or finger swirls can be breached through computer duplication, it’s more difficult for anyone to easily replicate an individual’s unique natural scent.

Social media is abuzz about the new body odor (BO) biometric security system being developed in Spain because it is accurate, fast, and nonintrusive.

Reportedly, the use of most commercial fragrances does not greatly alter the system’s accuracy, although use of certain medications can.

Actually, SBT reported in 2008 about using “odor prints” as security IDs.  Evidently the idea was nosed out by the economic downturn, cost, or R&D difficulties. The research firm is now investigating how humans can sniff out dietary fat in their food.


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