Résumé Review System

Here’s the system I recommend:

Make a quick pass through your pile of credentials, glancing at each candidate’s résumé. Don’t read, just glance. (This is critical—résumés can be fascinating, but you must steel yourself. Set the résumé aside the instant you know the person is not fully qualified.)

Put the credentials into three piles:

Pile A=appears to meet all or most qualifications
Pile B=missing one or more important qualification
Pile C=clearly not qualified

If you have a good number of people in Pile A, you won’t have to deal with Piles B and C again. If there are few or none in your Pile A, you’ll either have to modify your expectations, or figure out a way to attract more capable candidates.

Now take Pile A and do a more in-depth review to select your top candidates.

For each candidate, make a note of areas in which you need additional information. For example, say a candidate’s résumé says she is familiar with Web design software, but you must have a person with experience on a specific program. Make a note to explore that by e-mail or in a telephone interview before bringing the candidate into your offices.

Here are three other timesavers to consider.


First, you may want to consider an applicant tracking system that will help you with this whole process by maintaining the records digitally and helping with reminders, notifications, and so on. You might consider:

  • iCIMS
  • Jobvite
  • iRecruit
  • PCRecruiter
  • Or any number of others

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And the second thing to consider is doing some testing. If there is a key knowledge, skill, or ability that you can test, don’t rely on the interview. For example, in our company we were looking for writers. We’d interview them, and then if we had a good interview, we’d ask them to do some writing for us. And, of course, if they couldn’t write well, no matter how well they had done on the interview, we wouldn’t hire them.

So we started giving the writing test first. Interestingly, this tended to reduce the importance of the interview—if the person could write well, we wanted the person. If the person couldn’t write—no need to interview.

Phone Screen

Typically, after you come up with a collection of candidates to pursue further, you’ll consider a phone screen. This can often help to fill in blanks that weren’t answered by the résumé, and maybe find out about knockout characteristics or about salary expectations.

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Approved for Recertification Credit

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