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Celebrity Selfie Almost Cost Me My Job!

For most people, it’s not every day that you get to see celebrities, especially if you live outside of Los Angeles. That’s why, when one van driver saw a certain comedian, she jumped out of her loaded van to take a picture with him.

According to Us Weekly, a woman who worked for National Car Rental left her shuttle bus, filled with four people, to take a picture with comedian Kevin Hart. TMZ cameras happened to be rolling, and they captured the whole experience. As they took the picture, Hart can be heard saying, “She left the bus!” After all the hoopla, her employer put her on suspension without pay, pending an investigation into the event.

The woman claims one of the passengers, who all happened to be part of the same family, jumped out first to take a picture with Hart. She maintains that the family was not upset that she left the bus to pose with the comedian, either. The woman also says that taking the picture, or leaving the bus, for that matter, was definitely not worth the suspension!

Once news broke that the woman was suspended, Hart took to Instagram to help the woman. In the video, Hart asks the company to give the woman back her job and adds, “If I had seen me, I would have taken a selfie with me, too. Come on! Have some compassion!” Along with the video Hart posted this message, “She has learned from her mistake. She nor I intended for this to happen. #LoveMyFans.”

The video must have worked because Kevin Hart recently told TMZ that the company, in fact, did show some compassion and she was later reinstated.

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