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Just Say No: Celebrity Photo Lands Cop in the Dog House

This isn’t the first time a person has gotten into trouble posing for a photo with a celebrity. But unlike previous stories, this one includes a member of the law and a well-known rapper with a lengthy rap sheet!

According to the Dallas Morning News, a Department of Public Safety trooper was caught posing for a picture with the notorious Snoop Dogg. And no, Snoop wasn’t in trouble; he was actually attending a music festival in Austin, Texas.

The trooper was also at the festival, however, he was on duty, and he wasn’t the one who wanted the photo. Snoop Dogg’s publicist asked the trooper if Snoop could pose with him! Later Snoop posted the photo to his Instagram account with the caption, “Me n my deputy dogg.”

Unfortunately, the deputy dogg is now in some hot water. The Department of Public Safety has reprimanded the trooper and is forcing him to go to counseling for posing with a known criminal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Snoop Dogg’s rap sheet, he has been convicted several times for drug possession, and in 1993 he and his bodyguard were accused of murdering a rival gang member (however, those charges were later dropped).

The trooper had no prior knowledge of Snoop Dogg’s indiscretions and since the counseling isn’t a formal disciplinary action, he has no means of appeal. The counseling reprimand read: “While working a secondary employment job, Trooper … took a photo with a public figure who has a well-known criminal background including numerous drug charges. The public figure posted the photo on social media and it reflects poorly on the Agency.”

Part of the trooper’s counseling involved him saying no when people ask to have their picture taken with him. This now gives a whole new meaning to the D.A.R.E campaign slogan!

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  1. Afraid I have to agree that it reflects poorly on the agency. Shouldn’t be that hard for a law enforcement officer to say no to pics.

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