Ode to Letterman: EntertainHR’s own Top 10

David Letterman, a late-night staple for 33 years, aired his final episode on May 20, 2015. Whether you preferred Johnny, Leno, Conan, Kimmel, or Fallon, no one can deny Letterman’s impact on pop culture, and the fact remains that he retires as the longest-serving late-night talk show host in American television history. While there were certainly some missteps along the way (the “Oprah…Uma” Academy Awards debacle undoubtedly qualifies), Letterman’s comedic and late-night chops cannot be denied. CBS Late night show entrance sign

As Letterman’s career winds down, our EntertainHR blog approaches just its one-year anniversary next month (after many years of chronicling the TV show The Office in Ford Harrison’s earlier blog “That’s What She Said”). Therefore, in homage to Letterman, and in the vein of shameless self-promotion, we contributors to EntertainHR have decided to regale our readers with a top 10 list.

Following are the top 10 EntertainHR posts of the past year in terms of viewership. If you haven’t had a chance to read them, just click away below.

Drumroll please….

10. “Pay the lady.” The glitz, the glamor, the Oscars! That, plus a public outcry for a very important issue, wage equality for women. Who said acceptance speeches are boring?

9. “We fixed the glitch.” Because never having seen the movie Office Space is downright un-American. And because not confronting your problem employees can lead to a Milton Waddams-type burning down the building and retiring to the islands with the company’s money. Feel free to check out EntertainHR’s companion piece “I believe you have my stapler,” written by yours truly. Although not in the top 10, I’m including it because frankly I’m writing this post and can do what I want.

8. “Marky Mark and the Convicted Bunch.” The use of an employee’s criminal history in employment decisions is a hot issue at the moment, and jamming out to Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch will never get old. So long as you’re bringing forth the rhythm and the rhyme.

7. “Seahawks’ Lynch follows NFL policy, adds to absurdity of Super Bowl media day.” After the year the NFL had, isn’t anything about the league and its bungling of its own policies or procedures a must read at this point?

6. “A word for the EEOC from Bob Kazamakis*.” Because employers love to read about a U.S. Supreme Court decision in which the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) loses. And because we’re all wondering the same thing, who the heck is Bob Kazamakis?

5. “Blacklisting.” It’s interesting to create (nondiscriminatory) typecast descriptions for certain categories of employees. It’s more revealing (or disturbing) that these generalities can oftentimes turn out to be true. Plus, I hear a lot of people watch The Blacklist.

4. “BFOQ FTW.” OMG. This post on BFOQ had me LMAO and ROFL. Employers, CYA and make sure you have valid defenses, and then IMHO you will have NP. TTYL.

3. “Workaholics: Drug testing.” Take a funny show that revolves around three mischievous college dropouts working at a telemarketing company, sprinkle in illicit drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, and bam–you’ve got #3 with a bullet.

2. “I’m Ron ******* Swanson.” Nothing says read me more than “*******” in the title. Even if I wasn’t a huge Parks and Recreation, and Ron Swanson fan, I’d be intrigued. So should you.

1. “It’s never easy, but Oprah delivers layoff news in person.” How to conduct a reduction in force to ensure compliance with applicable law is important to every employer. But let’s be honest. Oprah + massive layoffs = surefire number 1. To quote Ron Burgundy, “it’s science.”