HR Strange But True

Burger King Drops New Internal Training Video Like It’s Hot

By Jen Carsen

Tired of employees snoozing through mandatory video training? International Whopper® purveyor Burger King® must have felt the same way. There’s really no other rational explanation for Snoop Dogg’s appearance in an internal training video about Burger King’s newest menu item, grilled hot dogs.

The video, available on YouTube, bills the rapper/actor as “Grilled Dogs Training Ambassador.” He wanders through a Burger King kitchen area demonstrating the new menu item and its toppings, humorously instructing a perplexed employee named “DJ” to “grill that.”

The new grilled dog—“the Whopper of hot dogs,” Snoop confidently asserts, is “stupendous like me—Snoopy-D-O-Double-G.”

Could a McDonald’s® training video featuring Beyoncé (as the Diva of All-Day Breakfast, perhaps) be far behind?

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