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Quick Tip: Steps for Successful Hands-On Training

Hands-on training is one of the most effective methods of teaching new jobs or skills to employees, but it’s important that it’s done right in order to maximize learning retention. To close out this week of the Training Daily Advisor, we have seven quick and easy steps to make your hands-on training effective.

Here are seven steps to help ensure that hands-on training is successful:

  1. Demonstrate. Show learners how to perform the procedure, technique, or task.
  2. Have learners describe what you did. Ask them to tell you in their own words what they have just seen.
  3. Ask and answer questions. Ask learners questions about your demonstration to ensure they have understood the key points. Then, answer any related questions they have.
  4. Have learners perform with guidance. Give each learner the chance to actually perform the procedure, technique, or task.
  5. Provide feedback. Praise success, and correct errors. Ensure learners who make mistakes understand what they did wrong and how to do it right.
  6. Give them the chance to practice. Once you are convinced that learners have the right idea, let them practice under supervision.
  7. Monitor back on the job to ensure learning is effective. Check that trainees have learned everything they need to know and are performing the procedure, technique, or task properly.

With these 7 steps in mind, you’re on your way to a more efficiently and properly trained workforce!

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