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3 Big-Name L&D Partnerships You Need to Know About

As the L&D industry continues to grow, so do the amount of big-name partnerships we discover. L&D partnerships are bridging the gaps between universities and the workplace, government and the workplace, personal learning experiences and learning experiences inside the workplace, etc.


Key Takeaways About L&D from a New CGS Report

According to the recent CGS (Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.) What Employees Want in 2019 Infographic, Learning and Development (L&D) is becoming more critical than ever before—for both employers and employees.


5 Things to Do When Attending L&D Conferences This Year

Attending learning and development (L&D) conferences each year can propel your organization’s L&D initiatives forward and make them more profitable and effective, as well as ensure that your organization remains a competitive force in its field for many years.


Who’s Who of the Workforce L&D ’19 Conference

The Workforce L&D 2019 conference is an L&D Daily Advisor event that will be hosted this year at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, in November. Below is more information about who will be at the conference and why you won’t want to miss it.


What the Not-So-Distant Future of L&D Looks Like

According to Gartner research, companies are currently spending an average of $1,200 per employee on training per year, and 86% of business leaders think that employee development is critical to driving business outcomes moving forward. And this is no surprise when you consider how quickly L&D is becoming the most innovative department inside any organization.


The Best Software for L&D from 2018

Are you in the market for new learning and development (L&D) software for your organization? According to users and expert ratings, the following software vendors appeared on multiple “best” workplace training and learning software lists from 2018.