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5 Trends for Training Firms and Platforms

The learning and development (L&D) industry is booming and is expanding at a rapid rate alongside innovative technologies—so much so that L&D departments themselves are becoming central hubs for all workplace innovation and growth.


Walmart Pledges $4 Million to New Training Initiative

Corporate-sponsored training initiatives have been prominent in the media in recent years. The trend toward such programs represents both the need for skilled, competent workers and a perception that government-sponsored education doesn’t necessarily adequately prepare the workforce for the needs of the workplace.


U.S. Schools Don’t Meet Computer Training Needs

Employee training and development are major priorities for many businesses. Businesses of all types and sizes need their employees and managers to be able to handle the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that come up every day.


Google Blunder a Lesson for Trainers

A few weeks ago, we posted a series of blogs on blunders by entry- or low-level employees that ended up costing their companies big money. Unfortunately, Google has recently had its own blunder; we’ll discuss that here, as well as what we can learn from Google’s mistake.


5 Industries Facing Talent Shortages

With the rise of artificial intelligence and automation, many industries are facing talent shortages right now and will continue to do so over the next decade or so. And current studies and research indicate that the skills gap is widening and that this will cost companies over $8.5 trillion in economic opportunity.


Walmart Black Friday Virtual Reality Training

There are certain events and scenarios that rarely occur. This can be true for any business. But even if an event rarely occurs, that doesn’t mean that employees don’t need to be prepared for the event just in case. But, how do you train for these types of events? Often, they can be difficult or […]


GM Signals New Employment Objectives Amid Layoffs

General Motors (GM)—America’s largest automobile manufacturer—recently announced it would be offering buyouts to roughly 18,000 salaried workers. Unfortunately for the automotive giant, only about 2,250 employees went for that offer.