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The Best Software for L&D from 2018

Are you in the market for new learning and development (L&D) software for your organization? According to users and expert ratings, the following software vendors appeared on multiple “best” workplace training and learning software lists from 2018.


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Talent Learning Management System (LMS)

Talent LMS software is fully customizable,  is based in the cloud, and is ideal for all shapes and sizes of organizations, from small businesses with a few employees, to franchises, up to organizations at the enterprise level. It has also constantly received excellent user ratings.
You can use it to train your employees, partners, or customers, and you can build your own courses and can reuse any available material like videos, presentations, documents, or Scorm or TinCan files. It also offers mobile accessibility and analytics, content interoperability, course management, and blended learning options.

Litmos by SAP

Litmos by SAP is a cloud-based continuous learning solution,  is great for globally based audiences and users, and was built with mobile users in mind. However, it is ideal for organizations with 50 or more users. It also tracks course completion for learners and offers assessment progress.
It has an easy-to-use interface that you can personalize with your brand’s logo and information and has consistently received a user rating of four out of five stars or higher. And it offers easy-to-use reporting features.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS received PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice for Best LMS and is the choice of industry leaders and disruptors, consistently receiving a user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars or higher. It’s very easy for both learners and L&D administrators to use.
It’s also built for scalability and offers organizationwide metrics and analytics. Bandwidth, security, redundancy, system capacity, backups, and concurrent usage issues are all handled by Amazon Web Services to ensure your online training programs run efficiently as your company expands.
This software also runs on HTML 5, eliminating the need for extra plugins or players, regardless of the type of device that’s being used, and it supports all browsers and features RESTFul API (application programming interface) and Single Sign-On (SSO) API enabling online learners to reduce the number of logins required.
And it has the Mecury Module billboard feature that allows you to promote your courses to users and solicit their feedback via polls and other interactive elements.


Looop software has consistently received user ratings of 4.8 to five out of five stars and has been in top place for its user-based and customer-based interfaces. You can easily collaborate with others to improve your courses with this software.
And you can easily and quickly get new employees onboard, educate and empower new managers, ensure compliance within your organization whenever there are policy changes.
So, this software is ideal for data-driven learning strategies and change management. It also has features for reporting, tracking, and analytics. And it’s easy to use for creating learning content.
While the above list is not exhaustive by any means, use it to help you narrow down what learning software your organization needs for its learners in 2019.

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