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How to Use LMS Software to Pinpoint Compliance Training Gaps

When you hear the phrase “compliance training,” odds are you immediately feel a rush of boredom. Perhaps you get visions of an all-day seminar and the sting of a costly bill for an instructor, a facility, and materials—even though employees will walk away having gained relatively little insight.

The Internet of Things: How Well Trained Are Your Employees?

The Atlantic recently released research showing that the HR software market is worth approximately $15 billion. Learning management systems (LMS) made up $2.5 billion of that total. However, up to 30% of LMS developed corporate training was shown to be wasted. These numbers might trend up as HR and L&D start adding to the Internet […]

6 Features that Will Optimize Your Employee Onboarding Software

New employee onboarding used to be a one-size-fits-all affair. In the past few years, organizations have begun to realize the importance of a holistic approach wielding cutting-edge, technology-based eLearning materials to ease the orientation process and set up new team members for later success.

Implement an LMS with Answers to These 5 Questions

The costs of owning and implementing a learning management system can quickly push you beyond your budget if you fail to plan accordingly. So, how can directors and managers create a true picture of their actual LMS costs to avoid ballooning expenses? Start by asking yourself several key questions before signing on the dotted line.


The Benefits of Training Customers and Partners

The role of HR and learning leaders has been in an ongoing state of evolution for the past few decades. One of the most significant parts of this evolution has been for HR and learning leaders to move from the role of administrator to a business partner, one that is actively involved in business planning […]

Learning Management Systems Survey Results

By Jim Davis, Production Editor, BLR 08/18/16 Old Saybrook, CT. The HR Daily Advisor research team today announced the results of our most recent survey: Learning Management Systems (LMSs): Best Practices in Establishing ROI and Impact Measurement. The survey was sponsored by Halogen Software.

Personalized Employee Training Plans: Have You Joined This Trend?

Did you know that many organizations are opting to create training programs for employees that are more personalized rather than generic or role-based? These training plans take into account not only the role the individual is training for but also the individual’s future goals and any gaps in that person’s skill set.

Heads They Win … Tails You Lose (Mitigating Measures)

In yesterday’s Advisor, Attorney Patricia Eyres briefed us on accommodating depression. Today, her take on mitigating measures—a lose/lose proposition for the employers—and we introduce the new leadership training system from TrainingToday®. What’s a Mitigating Measure? According to the Job Accommodation Network, a mitigating measure is a treatment, therapy, or device that eliminates or reduces the […]