Ghosting Tales: A Mini-Series – Part 1

In a recent article we explored the concept of ghosting, where an applicant that would have been a good fit and maybe even has accepted an offer just vanishes without a word. Thanks to a collaboration with recruiters at Addison Group, we have a special three-part series. Each part will include one ghosting tale. If you have your own tales, feel free to share them in the comments!

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The first story comes from Lauren Sherer, a Senior Recruiter at Addison Group. Her story follows:

“I started working with a candidate who had recently moved to the area from Florida and was very new to our market. She had a great payroll background; good software, advanced skill set, high volume processing.  I knew I’d place her.  Weirdly, I didn’t have payroll jobs for a while, but we kept in contact. She kept begging me to keep her in mind and to call her anytime I got a role in.

“Finally, I did. Our client was super excited about her background and I sent her in for an interview.  She said all the right things and got the job. While background checks aren’t always part of our process, this particular client was interested in having one run.  She was super excited to accept the role and said the background check was no problem.  Then she stopped returning my calls… I called, emailed, texted. Nothing. Then the client manager called her from her own cell phone and magically, she answered!  She said of course I’m still planning on starting the assignment, I’m in the middle of an online course (?) and will finish the background check forms as soon as possible.

“And then she stopped answering. Again.  I ended up leaving her a message telling her if I didn’t hear back in 12 hours that I would be pulling her from the role. I didn’t hear back from her during that time frame, so I pulled her.

“I heard her call in for me a few weeks ago.  I didn’t answer, she didn’t leave a voicemail.  And that’s that!”

Stay tuned tomorrow and the next day for parts 2 and 3!


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