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7 Skills Your Instructors and Trainers Must Have

With blended learning on the rise alongside mobile apps that distract rather than develop employees, it’s important not to underestimate the value of a great trainer or instructor. Below are seven skills highly effective instructors and trainers must have in the modern-day workplace. skills

1. Technology Skills

Instructors and trainers must know how to use learning management systems and the mobile learning apps and tools that integrate with them, as well as how to develop effective training materials with video editing and advanced content authoring tools and software. They also must know how to operate technology that’s used inside a workplace classroom setting.

2. Strong Communication Skills

Instructors and trainers must have good communication skills to be able to communicate new and old concepts to adult learners and relay those concepts in a way that is engaging and helpful.

3. Organizational Skills

Organizing lessons and courses is a part of being an instructor or a trainer. Instructors and trainers need to not only know how to organize courses and materials in an engaging and practical way for learners’ retention levels but also keep their calendars organized. In addition, they must clearly communicate and document what’s required of each learner and when.

4. Adaptability

Effective instructors and trainers are adaptable. If they can tell certain course material isn’t “clicking” with some learners or they need to switch schedules, they adapt. They are constantly finding new and engaging ways to relay the same concepts and aren’t afraid to adopt new learning strategies or materials so that they’re accessible and engaging.

5. Ability to Assess Employees

All instructors and trainers should be comfortable assessing an employee’s willingness to learn, as well as the knowledge or skills that employee has retained. They are adept at designing and administering assessments and  always make sure assessments are accurate and helpful.

6. Advanced Research Skills

When designing course materials and assessing employees, effective instructors and trainers research the best and most relevant methods. They ensure that their learning materials are relevant and that their tactics inspire learning and engagement.

7. Enthusiasm for Learning

Above all else, effective instructors and trainers display a sincere enthusiasm for learning. They are always learning new things themselves while inspiring others to do the same. They have the skills required to be continuous learners and motivate continuous learning.
Make sure your instructors and trainers have the seven skills outlined above if you want them to be effective.

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