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How to Test the Effectiveness of Training Technology

The training and L&D technology industry is now worth billions of dollars and continues to grow each year, and it’s becoming clear that multiple organizations are beginning to rely on a variety of training and L&D technology as more options continue to flood the marketplace.technology
However, not every type of technology will suit your specific organization and its specific group of learners, so constantly test the effectiveness of your training and L&D technology to ensure it’s the best option for your specific organization, regardless of what the current L&D tech trends are and regardless of what your competitors are doing.
Below are some things you can do to test the effectiveness of the training and L&D technology that your specific organization uses.

Weigh Employee Performance

Determine whether your training and L&D technology leads to improved employee performance in real life. For instance, does it help employees on operations teams execute fewer errors and determine greater efficiencies? Does it help your customer care teams achieve higher rates of customer satisfaction? Or, does it help your sales teams generate more sales?
If your employees’ performance isn’t improving or remaining at high levels, your training and L&D technology could be ineffective.

Consider User and Learner Behavior

Do your learners engage with your training and L&D technology infrequently or at erratic intervals? Do they often abandon training materials and L&D courses halfway through completing them? Or do they log in to the technology often but fail to do anything once they are logged in?
Such behaviors could be indicative of a technology that is not useful or relevant to its learners, which doesn’t make it very effective.

Review Users’ Assessments and Engagement Scores

If users consistently receive high scores or very low scores, your training and L&D technology may not be effective. Learners should be challenged when engaging with learning materials but not overwhelmed with materials and experiences that are too challenging.
In addition, if learners aren’t engaging with your training and L&D technology at steady intervals, it could mean that the technology isn’t developed with learners in mind, rendering it ineffective.

Evaluate User Feedback

Ask your users what they think of your training and L&D technology, and monitor their feedback, complaints, requests, ratings, etc. If they think it’s too complicated to use or irrelevant to their learning needs or aspirations, then it will remain ineffective.

Gauge Company Results and Outcomes

Overall, your training and L&D technology should yield desirable results and outcomes for your learners and for your entire organization. Not only should it result in higher rates of employee performance, but it should also produce higher revenues and better customer satisfaction ratings. Otherwise, it is not effective.
To test the effectiveness of your training and L&D technology, start doing the things mentioned in this post.

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