Party Down Reboot – More Workplace Dramedy Guaranteed

In case you missed the news, everyone’s favorite caterers are returning to the small screen with most of the original cast. The series previously starred Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Jane Lynch, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Megan Mullally, and Martin Starr as weary Hollywood catering employees trying to navigate complicated work and life situations while chasing fading dreams of stardom. According to interviews with Rob Thomas, series creator, he was inspired by The Office original BBC series to create a “sad [workplace] comedy.” 

party down reboot
Party Down (Courtesy of Starz)

While we wait on the new reboot to reach our screens, there’s plenty of workplace advice to be had from the original series, mostly on how not to behave in the workplace, such as:

  • Job performance generally suffers when an employee is less interested in the position than in pursuing superstardom, even while on the clock. As Kyle told one of the guests he was schmoozing at a work function, “You know, acting is like a crime. But instead of guns and clubs, I assault you with emotions.” 
  • Workplace romances are tricky and riddled with landmines for both employers and employees. As Constance bizarrely admitted, “I was once in a workplace romance. It kinda got out of hand. It was a sex explosion.” Constance is one of the many reasons employers would be well advised to discourage workplace romances, especially within the reporting hierarchy.
  • When offering even well-intentioned professional advice, it is generally advisable to choose words carefully. Instead, Bobbie (not so) helpfully offered the following to her colleague: “Grab your destiny by the balls, and squeeze hard. I’ll bet you’ve never done that in your career.” Maybe get some advice from HR before handing out advice in the future, Bobbie.
  • Ron (team lead) summed up his workplace philosophy as follows: “The four Ps and one B. Politeness, Professionalism, Proactive, Be on Time. … What don’t you understand? It’s crystal clear. Ron Donald Do’s, OK?” Confused? So was everyone else on his team, which is why the philosophy failed to provide results, and Ron ultimately ended up with a demotion. 

Got a favorite Party Down quote or moment to share? We’d love to see it in the comments. In the meantime, we can all look forward to many more humorous workplace lessons from the Starz reboot. 

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