News Notes: PWBA Releases FAQs About Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program

We earlier reported on a new program that makes it easier for employers and benefit plan officials to voluntarily correct certain employee benefit plan violations and avoid enforcement actions and penalties. Now, the Department of Labor’s Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration has released guidance with FAQs about the VFCP program and useful hypothetical examples. The […]

News Notes: NCL Issues Five Worst Teen Jobs For 2002

The National Consumers League has released its list of Five Worst Teen Jobs for 2002. According to Darlene Adkins, NCL’s vice president for labor policy, “many teens are working in unsafe conditions without the proper training or supervision. Too many are injured or killed on the job because they were performing tasks prohibited by federal […]

News Notes: Court Expands Coverage of Federal Anti-Bias Law

Soo Cheol Kang, a U.S. citizen of Korean national origin, sued his employer, U. Lim America Inc. for national origin discrimination and harassment under Title VII, the federal anti-bias law. The company argued that it wasn’t covered by Title VII because it only had six employees, rather than the statutory minimum of 15 employees. But […]

News Notes: Labor Department Reminds Employers That Service Time Counts Toward FMLA Eligibility

The federal Labor Department has issued a memorandum clarifying its position on the rights of returning uniformed service members to take family and medical leave. The department says that active duty time must be counted toward these workers’ eligibility to take time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act. In particular, employees generally become […]

News Notes: New Privacy Regulations Announced

The Bush Administration has released new regulations addressing medical privacy rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Group health plans generally have until April 14, 2003 to comply with the new rules.

News Notes: EEOC Settles Lawsuit For $875,000

  The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has announced an $875,000 settlement of a sex bias and retaliation class action lawsuit against Technicolor Videocassette Inc.’s Camarillo plant. The suit alleged that women at the plant, who worked in various departments duplicating videotapes, were subjected to repeated harassment by male co-workers and supervisors-including derogatory comments regarding […]

Employee Lawsuits: Workers’ Comp Release Bars Harassment Claim; 3 Tips On Drafting Releases That Stand Up In Court

No longer limited to back injuries and broken bones, workers’ comp claims have taken on new meaning over the past decade as stress-related claims have become commonplace. While some employers throw their arms up in frustration, a new California Supreme Court ruling demonstrates how handling this kind of claim wisely can limit your exposure to […]

Disability Discrimination: Blanket Refusal To Rehire Discharged Employees Violates ADA; Would Your Rehire Policy Pass Muster?

Suppose a former employee applies for a position with your company. You check their personnel record and discover the person was terminated. Following standard company procedure not to rehire previously discharged employees, you reject the person’s application outright.But the applicant turns around and sues you under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, claiming you really […]