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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people.

EEOC Targets Another Employee Wellness Program

A second employer has been sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over its employee wellness program. Once again, the EEOC alleges that the company’s penalties for nonparticipation rendered the program involuntary, making it a medical inquiry prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The latest case, announced Oct. 1, involved a plastics manufacturer […]

Conciliate First, Court Tells EEOC as it Tosses out Lawsuit

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may not sue an employer unless it has engaged in pre-litigation conciliation — even for pattern or practice claims — a federal district court has held. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Oct. 7 dismissed an EEOC suit alleging that CVS Pharmacy’s separation agreement violated […]

Why Your Important Positions Are Going Unfilled … and What to Do About It

It would seem that millions of available potential employees should make vacant positions easy and quick to fill, but that’s simply not the case lately. Here are some of the top reasons that some roles go unfilled: Unemployment has decreased substantially. This means there are fewer individuals applying for any given position. By default, this […]

Diversity—It’s Hard to Achieve More Than Lip Service

Achieving workplace diversity isn’t easy—even for global powerhouses like Google. “We’re not where we want to be when it comes to diversity,” Google observes in a January 2014 demographic report, which reveals that 70% of Google’s employees are male and 61% are white.

EEOC Lawsuit Says Employer Violated GINA by Requesting Too Much Medical Info

An employer violated the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act when it asked applicants and employees for information about their medical history, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged in a lawsuit filed Sept. 17. BNV Home Care Agency, Inc., a New York City home care services agency, required applicants to complete an “Employee Health Assessment” after […]

Résumé Review System

Here’s the system I recommend: Make a quick pass through your pile of credentials, glancing at each candidate’s résumé. Don’t read, just glance. (This is critical—résumés can be fascinating, but you must steel yourself. Set the résumé aside the instant you know the person is not fully qualified.) Put the credentials into three piles: Pile […]

Résumé Review Exercise—Stop Wasting Time!

By the way, if you end up in that cartoonish position of having 2,000 online applicants, you probably need to find some knockout requirements to get that pile smaller. Or, you could, for example, decide to look only at the first 250. Whatever system you choose, be sure that it doesn’t discriminate. Your Time Is […]

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Who Owns Your Company Social Media Accounts?

With most companies turning to social media for business promotion, a company social media account is looking more and more like a company asset. Yet the lines of ownership are easily blurred. Consider these questions: