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It’s hard to talk HR at all today without talking HR Technology. From your ATS to your HRIS we’ve got all of your tech acronyms covered in this category.

Where Interviews Succeed and Fail

A recent survey of nearly 9,000 talent acquisition leaders and hiring managers worldwide, conducted by professional networking site LinkedIn, provides insight into the interview process, including where to focus for maximum results.

Is Your Applicant Tracking System a Security Risk?

When it comes to making sure your employee data are secure, it never hurts to be aware of the ways they can be breached. Today we’ll hear from Raquel Lawrence, content strategy associate at iCIMS about how applicant tracking systems (ATSs) can be a major source of potential insecurity.

How Has Tech-Savvy Workplace Impacted Training Methods?

Incorporating technology into training can offer many advantages. For one, it can save money by reducing or eliminating the need to train with expensive materials or equipment when the training can be simulated through today’s technology. It can also save money by allowing a single trainer to remotely train employees across the country or around […]


AI and Chatbots Make Text Recruiting Easy

In yesterday’s Advisor we began to explore the value of text and app based recruiting with Erik Kostelnik, founder and CEO of TextRecruit, and Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer of iCIMS. Today we’ll look at the rest of the interview with a focus on the place of AI and chat-bots in text and app recruiting.


Just How Well Does Text and App Recruiting Work?

We recently had a chance to sit down with Erik Kostelnik, Founder and CEO of TextRecruit, and Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer of iCIMS, to discuss text and app-based recruiting and communication. Our conversation comes in light of iCIMS’s recent acquisition of TextRecruit.

3 Ways to Get Employees to Adopt a New Learning Technology

Even if a new learning technology has the potential to save your company millions of dollars every year and has the potential to teach your employees everything under the sun, it won’t matter if that potential isn’t actualized. In other words, everyone in your organization will have to actually want to use a new learning […]