Mental Health and Well-Being at Work Infographic

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. For those who are struggling, know that it’s okay to not be okay—please reach out for help if you need it, and remember that there are people who care about you. The past two years highlighted the need to focus on employee mental health and well-being in the workplace. […]

QR Codes: Today’s Latest Recruitment Tool Infographic

“Recruiting is for everyone, not just if you’re in the HR realm,” Jamie Starner, Director of Talent Acquisition at bartaco, says. Accessible technology can empower your team members to participate in the recruiting process. QR codes are an easy, and recently popular, method to streamline and expand hiring efforts. QR Codes: Today’s Latest Recruitment Tool […]

International Women’s Day Infographic

Happy International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month! To celebrate and appreciate all the phenomenal women in the world, we checked in with four members of our Faces of HR profile community; Christie Lindor (Founder and CEO of Tessi Consulting), Bailey Showalter (VP of Talent Solutions at Credly), Neha Mirchandani (Leader of People and Marketing […]

Now & Next: HR Technology (Infographic)

With many companies experiencing drastic changes due to COVID-19, 2022 is a critical time for businesses to reassess company strategy and technology. Shifting to remote and hybrid work, adapting training techniques, and recruiting and retaining talent are more important than ever. As part of HR Daily Advisor’s HR Technology Week 2022, we checked in with […]

Now & Next: Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Last week was our Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Week. We learned a lot from the experts that participated in our discussions, fireside chats, and sessions. In this infographic, you can explore the major takeaways from this week-long event.

25 Benefits & Perks to Offer Remote Workers (Infographic Checklist)

HR teams often put a lot of time and effort into creating benefits packages and perks for employees that help them remain satisfied and engaged at the workplace. But the pandemic has forced many workers into a remote setting, leading to a situation in which many benefits and employee perks simply aren’t as useful as […]

Infographic: 6 Blind Hiring Strategies for Diverse Recruitment

Have you heard of “blind hiring”? The concept of blind hiring, or blind recruitment, relates to any step a hiring manager takes to hide information about a job applicant to eliminate bias from the hiring process. According to small business insurance provider, Thimble, hiding information can include the removal of a candidate’s name, address, location, […]

Infographic: How Valuable Are Cover Letters?

With the rise in recruiting technology comes the fall of outdated practices, like posting jobs to LinkedIn and Indeed, instead of your local newspaper’s classified ads. The same can be said for jobseekers. Paper applications are out, and digital, app-based applications are in. But when it comes to the personalized cover letter, are those still […]

Helping Managers ‘Thaw’ the ‘Frozen Middle’ (Infographic)

Are your middle managers suffering from the “frozen middle”? According to Eric Ciechanowski, for JobHero, “The frozen middle is the term used to describe the role that middle management plays in company progress when initiatives are handed down and they slow in the middle.”