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Coming Soon to a Workplace Near You … A Lawsuit!

By BLR Founder and CEO Bob Brady Your plate is probably overly full with downsizing, trying to make ends meet, and trying to keep your budget projections at least somewhat in line with reality. The last thing you need to be dealing with is a lawsuit brought by a disgruntled employee or former employee. But […]

Amnesty for Aliens: Good for the Country (and Your Company) or Bad?

By HRDA Editor Stephen D. Bruce, PHR Just My E-Pinion A recent question to the BLR® HR Forum about amnesty for illegal aliens generated an interesting set of responses, all well-reasoned, although not all agreeing. The question was: Just wondering what my HR colleagues think of granting mass amnesty to illegal aliens currently residing in […]

News Notes: Employees Limited To Workers Comp For Chemical Exposure

Three unskilled laborers who were hired to clean a film lab at Metrocolor Laboratories in Los Angeles sued, claiming Metrocolor told them to use a particular cleaning substance without revealing that it contained hazardous chemicals that can cause brain and nervous system damage. The workers’ skin became soaked with the liquid as it rained down […]

E-Alerts: Disability Bias: California State Standard for Determining Who’s Disabled Is More Lenient Than the ADA, States Supreme Court Confirms

The California Supreme Court has handed down a new decision making it easier for disabled workers in California to sue their employers for job discrimination. The court ruled that under the state Fair Employment and Housing Act, an individual claiming workplace disability discrimination need only show that their disorder limits a major life activity. In […]

Congress Moving on Federal Minimum Wage Hike

We recently reported that the U.S. House of Representatives had approved a bill to increase the federal minimum wage to $7.25 over a period of 26 months. Now, the Senate has approved similar legislation, which, unlike the House measure, would provide tax breaks to small businesses to offset the economic impact of paying a higher […]