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The Summer Job Rush Is On: But Is Change Coming in Child Labor Laws?

Teen employment is highly regulated under child labor laws. Those laws may be changing. Here’s what you need to know. June is the month when most schools close for the summer. That means it’s also the time that thousands of American teenagers look for summer jobs. At any given time, according to the Department of […]

News Notes: Court Upholds San Francisco’s Retirement Benefits Calculation

A California appeals court has ruled the San Francisco Retirement Board correctly excluded amounts paid for unused vacation and sick leave whencalculating “average final compensation” to determine retirement benefits. Under the retirement plans, average final compensation only included compensation earned during the period an employee provided credited service. Under San Francisco’s system, vacation and sick […]

Wage and Hour: Ninth Circuit Strips Insurance Adjusters of Big Award

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers California, has ruled that insurance adjusters for Farmers Insurance Exchange qualified for the administrative exemption from overtime, according to the standards under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. In so ruling, the appeals court threw out a $52.5 million judgment awarded by a federal trial court […]

What Is HR’s Image to Management?

Two British studies show a massive disconnect in what HR and line management think of each other. What do they think? Well … In our search to bring you stories of interest, Daily Advisor editors read HR reports from around the world. We find most of what we need right here in the U.S., but […]

Transit Parity Back on the Slate in Congress

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have put transit parity — that is, the equalization of mass transit and qualified parking benefits under tax Code Section 132 — back in play, after watching it fail earlier in the session. The legislation would extend a temporary parity provision that expired Dec. 31, 2011, for another two years. Sen. […]

Obama’s First Move–Signing Equal Pay Bills?

New hurdles in defending against pay-bias lawsuits may be coming soon to a workplace near you. The Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed two pay discrimination bills—the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (H.R. 11) and the Paycheck Fairness Act (H.R. 12). Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is expected to introduce companion legislation in the […]

High Court Advances Same-sex Marriage and Impacts Employers

As a result of the U.S. Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage, employers throughout the United States will have to adjust their benefits plans, policies and documents to accommodate employees’ same-sex spouses for purposes of federal law and regulations. California employers will need to do the same for purposes of state law. On June 26, […]