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News Flash: Domestic Violence Leave Law

  Gov. Davis recently signed a new law (A.B. 2357) that expands the grounds for domestic violence victims to take unpaid time off from work, such as for counseling and relocation. However, some provisions of the new law, which has separate rules for employers with 25 or more workers, are ambiguous and may require legislative […]

House Votes to Boost Minimum Wage

By a vote of 315 to 116, the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to approve legislation that would boost the federal minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $7.25 per hour in three steps over a period of 26 months. The measure now moves to the Senate for consideration. Under the legislation, the federal […]

Tap Into Generational IT Insight

M. Lee Smith Publishers’ President Dan Oswald comments on the generational divide that most companies are experiencing in relation to technology and offers five tips for how employers can harness the know-how and insight of their younger employees. I recently handed a newspaper column written by Financial Times columnist Luke Johnson to my 18-year old […]

Retirement Benefits: Many More Employers Offering 401(k) Plans Exclusively

According to an analysis by benefits consulting firm Watson Wyatt, the number of large employers that offer only defined contribution/401(k) plans—and not traditional pension plans—is way up. In 2005, 36 percent of Fortune 100 companies offered 401(k) plans only (not in combination with a traditional pension plan), up from 25 percent in 2004 and 17 […]

Wage and Hour: Rent-A-Center Settles Overtime and Meal Breaks Suit

Rent-A-Center Inc., a rent-to-own business based in Plano, Texas, has agreed to shell out $4.95 million (including attorney’s fees) to settle a class action lawsuit charging that the company violated California wage and hour laws pertaining to overtime, meal and rest breaks, and delaying final paychecks. The settlement, which will be shared by about 6,000 […]

Recordkeeping: EEO-1 Forms Due This Month

If your company is required to file an annual EEO-1 Form (Standard Form 100, rev. 3/97) with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), take note that the deadline is September 30, 2006. The EEO-1 report must be filed annually by employers with 100 or more employees or employers with federal government contracts of $50,000 or […]

Ready for F-Day? (January 16 Is FMLA Day)

Scurrying to get ready for F-Day? All the new FMLA changes are effective January 16. We’ve gathered some compliance tips from a nationally recognized expert, attorney Frank Alvarez. Alvarez is national coordinator of law firm Jackson Lewis’s Disability, Leave & Health Management Practice Group. Here are his thoughts on some changes employers have hoped for. […]

News Notes: New Data On Jobs With Most Injuries Requiring Time Off

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), truck drivers and nursing aides were the two occupations in private industry with the highest rate of injuries and illnesses requiring at least one day away from work in 2002. The BLS reports that there were 1.4 million total workplace injuries entailing at […]

Age Discrimination: TV Writers’ Lawsuit Claims Age Bias

A group of 28 screenwriters have filed a class action lawsuit against the major television networks, studios and talent agencies, claiming that a pattern of age discrimination exists in the television industry that has squeezed out writers who are over 40. The writers charge that the networks, studios and agents are so eager to capture […]