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“No-Match” Rule Officially Dropped

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has officially dropped the controversial “no-match” rule, which required employers to fire workers if there was a discrepancy between a worker’s Social Security Number (SSN) and official government records. The rule also imposed penalties on employers who didn’t fire employees if the discrepancy wasn’t quickly explained.

Workplace Wellness: Proposed Tax Credit for Wellness Programs

Legislation has been proposed in the U.S. Senate that would create a tax credit for employers that offer comprehensive wellness programs. The Healthy Workforce Act (S.B. 1753), authored by Senators Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Gordon Smith (R-OR), would provide a tax credit of up to $200 per employee for the first 200 employees, and up […]

News Notes: Court OKs Tax Deduction For Employer-Provided Meals

Employers who provide on-site meals to certain workers have been given a break by the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. Boyd Gaming Corp., which owns casinos in Nevada, offered workers free meals in an on-site cafeteria because it required them for security reasons to remain on the premises for their entire shift. But when […]

Sexual Harassment: Policy Loophole Costs Employer $100,000; Immediate Steps To Take

Recent court rulings have emphasized the importance of having an easy and reliable procedure for reporting sexual harassment incidents. In fact, in many cases, the terms of your sexual harassment policy can make the difference between avoiding liability-or paying huge damages. But in an evolving aspect of the law, a surprising new federal appeals court […]

Exempt Workers: How To Tell When You Have To Pay Overtime To Outside Sales Employees; New Decision Clarifies The Rules

After selling and delivering bottled water for more than three years, Peter Ramirez quit his job and sued his employer, Yosemite Water Company, for back overtime. His lawsuit, which went all the way to the California Supreme Court, highlights how difficult it can be to determine whether or not outside sales personnel qualify as exempt […]

Sexual Harassment: Teenager To Get $750,000 For Roughhousing By Supervisor

A recent case illustrates that sexual harassment claims can encompass actions other than traditional sexually oriented conduct. A 15-year-old student who was hired to answer the telephone at a nonprofit agency in the San Francisco area will receive $750,000 in a confidential settlement of his claim that a supervisor harassed him through aggressive “roughhousing” and […]

News Notes: NCL Issues Five Worst Teen Jobs For 2002

The National Consumers League has released its list of Five Worst Teen Jobs for 2002. According to Darlene Adkins, NCL’s vice president for labor policy, “many teens are working in unsafe conditions without the proper training or supervision. Too many are injured or killed on the job because they were performing tasks prohibited by federal […]