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Bo Obama and Pets in the Workplace

I’m going to break with my usual business-oriented notes from the editor this week to write about something near and dear to my heart — dogs. After months of anticipation and speculation, the Obama family finally got their new dog, Bo (pictured on the left), this week and introduced him to the world. While the […]

News Notes: Jury Awards $19 Million To Disabled Employee Fired For Absenteeism

A jury in Sacramento recently awarded a staggering $19 million—$15 million of it in punitive damages—to a McKesson Corp. employee who claimed her employer violated disability bias and family and medical leave laws. Charlene Roby allegedly was fired under the company’s no-fault absence policy after several unexcused absences because of a panic disorder. She also […]

Internet Policy: April 2002

  Sample Internet Policy Here’s a sample Internet policy you can modify and/or expand to meet your organization’s specific needs. Have your employees sign the policy, acknowledging they understand it and agree to be bound by its terms. [Company] Internet Policy Business use only. [Company] provides Internet access (including e-mail) to its employees to assist and […]

Bulletin Item: Overtime and FMLA Changes Coming

The U.S. Department of Labor has announced it will soon release new regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act to increase the salary level required for exemption from overtime, which was last updated in 1975. The new regulations will also clarify and simplify the existing complex rules regarding the types of job duties exempt workers […]

No Kidding: Labor to Revise Its Proposal Restricting Child Labor on Farms

The Labor Department, in response to strong opposition from farm families, is revising its proposed rule restricting child labor on farms. As part of a package of child labor reforms unveiled Sept. 2, 2011, Labor proposed narrowing the so-called parental exemption that allows children of any age who are employed by their parent, or a […]

News Notes: Clinton Makes Push For Workplace Child Care

President Clinton’s sweeping $21.7 billion child care initiative includes $500 million in tax incentives to encourage employers to provide more employer-sponsored child care. Under the plan, which is still subject to Congressional approval, employers would get a 25% tax credit for building or expanding child care facilities. Several other bills are pending in Congress which […]

October Corporate Pension Funding Levels Slip but Stay Above Record Low

Funding gains by U.S. corporate pension plans in September were erased in October, according to data Mercer Investment Consulting Inc. released Nov. 5.  Mercer reports that the aggregate deficit in pension plans S&P 1500 companies sponsored increased by $26 billion during the latest month, to $619 billion. This deficit corresponds to an aggregate funded ratio […]