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News Notes: Bush Issues New Executive Order Furthering Faith-Based Initiative

President Bush has issued a new Executive order exempting religious organizations that contract with the U.S. government from prohibitions on religious discrimination in hiring. The order, part of his “faith-based initiative,” applies to religious corporations, associations, educational institutions, and societies. It does not, however, release religious groups from complying with other state and local anti-bias […]

HR in 2011: Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Employment Law Guide in Your State — 2011 Are you ready for 2011? The most up-to-date version of BLR’s Employment Law Guide—In Your State is now available. It pulls together all the federal and state laws you need to know about to stay in compliance. The guide includes all changes that federal legislators and regulators […]


LinkedIn Reveals Some Gender-Based Application Insights

Even though women account for more than 50% of the U.S. population, gender diversity remains a key goal of many HR departments and recruiting initiatives. This is particularly true when it comes to leadership positions, in which women are even less well represented.

Feds at the Door: What To Do … and Not Do

One result of the current business downturn is increased employee complaints about unfair compensation or other discrimination. As it takes just one complaint, justified or not, to trigger a probe. That means getting ready for a visit from your friendly DOL investigators. Here’s how to handle things if (or these days, when) they show up. […]

Congressional Subpoena Flap Amplifies Criticism of NLRB

The National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena is a sign of increasing rancor stemming from the Board’s case against the Boeing Co. The NLRB refused to comply with an August 5 subpoena from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that set an August 12 deadline for the agency […]

Prop 8 Upheld by California Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the California Supreme Court upheld the November amendment to the state constitution—Prop 8—that prohibits same-sex marriage. The court did, however, rule that the 18,000+ same-sex marriages already performed in California will remain legally valid.

Ideas Worth Thinking About: Would You Hire You?

What kind of employee do you think your employers planned on getting when they hired you? Someone who appreciates: The company’s need to make a profit and who feels a responsibility to help in every way possible? The need for keeping production up and costs down in order to compete successfully in the market? The […]

Is The Company Responsible When an Employee Is Stalked by an Ex-Employee?

This content was originally published in January 2000. For the latest in HR management, visit our archives or try our online compliance portal, Supervisor Erin Slade felt she had no choice but to fire Bruce Makin after he threatened a co-worker with a gun in the employee break room of Main Property Insurance Company. […]

Health Insurance—What Are Best Employers Doing to Control Costs?

Health insurance costs. We’ll wager that every employer—and every employee—is concerned. So how are companies coping? Let’s ferret out best practices; what’s working in the real world? For years, BLR has surveyed HR and benefits professionals to find trends in benefits. We appreciate your participation in our monthly series of brief, targeted benefits surveys. Today’s […]