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Bulletin Item: Workers’ Compensation Reform Developments Continue

The Assembly Insurance Committee was recently scheduled to vote on the controversial reform measure (ABX4 1) proposed by Gov. Schwarzenegger just after he took office in November. However, the committee postponed the vote, which likely would have resulted in the bill’s defeat. The governor and legislators have now entered into talks to reach a compromise […]

News Flash: Coca-Cola Agrees To Record $192.5 Million Settlement

Coca-Cola has settled a race bias class action lawsuit for an unprecedented $192.5 million. The case was brought by 2,000 African-American workers who claimed they were systematically bypassed for raises and promotions. Coke has also agreed to a complex company-wide restructuring plan with pay equity adjustments phased in over 10 years. Plus, Coke will link […]

Feds Urge Employers to Prepare for Emergencies

The Department of Homeland Security, in partnership with the Advertising Council, has launched a campaign to educate small and mid-sized employers about engaging in emergency preparedness efforts to protect their employees, business operations, and assets. The program includes a website,, with extensive information on emergency planning, including a sample emergency plan, emergency supplies checklist, […]

How Much Should You Pay For Employee ‘Happiness?’

A recent Gallup study shows the higher the compensation, the happier the employee. Happy employees build business success. But where’s the limit? A classic resource may help you find it. Everyone wants happy employees, right? Happy employees are productive, inventive, and supportive of all you do. Yesterday, we gave you one tool to make them […]

Bulletin Item: Overtime and FMLA Changes Coming

The U.S. Department of Labor has announced it will soon release new regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act to increase the salary level required for exemption from overtime, which was last updated in 1975. The new regulations will also clarify and simplify the existing complex rules regarding the types of job duties exempt workers […]

Bulletin Item: HIPAA Compliance Nears

On April 14, employers with small health plans must be in compliance with HIPAA privacy rules. If you aren’t yet in compliance, you must take steps immediately to avoid potential fines and criminal penalties.

E-Alert Item: Legal Update: High Court To Consider Several Employment Cases During New Term

On October 7, 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court reconvened for a new session. The court’s docket this term includes a case involving whether physician-shareholders can be counted as employees for purposes of determining employer coverage under the Americans with Disabilities Act and a case regarding whether state employers can be sued for violations of the […]

News Notes: Consumer Privacy Law Takes Effect

As of July 1, 2003, a new law will require California businesses to disclose security breaches of computerized personal data. You will have to inform a California resident when you have a reasonable belief there’s been unauthorized access to their unencrypted personal information i.e., the person’s first name or initial and last name, in combination […]

News Flash: IWC Recommends $1 Minimum-Wage Hike

The Industrial Welfare Commission has proposed boosting the state minimum wage to $6.75 an hour by 2002. At its August 17 meeting, the IWC approved a plan for a 50-cent raise on January 1, 2001, and another 50-cent jump on January 1, 2002. The IWC will hold a series of hearings in coming weeks to […]