HR Works Podcast

HR Works: One Leader’s Advice to HR when it Comes to a High Growth Phase

What happens when an HR professional finds themselves in the middle of a high growth phase at their organization? Do you scale up your HRIS? Do you hire more staff to handle the new employees? How do you maintain culture during such a disruptive time? We aim to answer these questions in episode 98 of HR Works Podcast.

Today’s guest has a lot of experience surrounding high growth. Greg Brown is the CEO of Reflektive, a people management platform. Before that, Brown served as Senior Vice President of International Business at Blackhawk Network, which helps companies create rewarding experiences and relationships. Prior to Blackhawk Network, Brown held the position of Chief Revenue Officer at Achievers, an employee recognition and engagement solutions company. He has held many other roles as well, but the current shared among them is that he helped each undergo periods of high growth.