HR Works: How Can You Combat the Opioid Epidemic and Substance Abuse at Your Organization?

We all know that performance and safety issues surrounding substance abuse in the workplace are big concerns. My guests for episode 98 of HR Works Podcast discuss a much wider range of legal and other challenges surrounding substance abuse.

For example, working with your insurance company before obtaining Narcan (the anti-drug for opioid overdoses) to make sure you have coverage should administration of Narcan goes poorly. Another example involves ensuring that a well thought out plan for handling an overdose on premises is in place, including what to do when there are actual drugs present after an overdose or which authorities to contact and when.

Today’s guests are attorneys Dale L. Deitchler and Jeffrey E. Dilger of Littler. Deitchler is a shareholder at Littler and represents management in all phases of labor law, labor relations, and standards. Dale also counsels clients on a wide variety of employment law issues, offering advice and practical solutions about the Family and Medical Leave Act, discipline and discharge, employment discrimination, employment and non-competition agreements, and unemployment compensation.

Dilger represents and counsels clients in a broad range of labor matters, including: Unfair labor practice proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board, labor arbitration, labor negotiations, and National Labor Relations Board elections. In addition to a robust labor law practice, Jeff routinely counsels clients in the ever-evolving field of federal and state drug and alcohol testing laws. Jeff’s practice includes assisting clients with all aspects of drug and alcohol testing programs, including creation, implementation and enforcement.