HR Works: 7 Practices of Extraordinary Workplace Teams


Workplace teams can be the cornerstone to the success of an organization when they are functioning at a high level.  But unfortunately, as nearly anyone who has been part of a workplace team can attest, that isn’t always the case.  And the symptoms of a team that isn’t working well are probably also too familiar—unclear goals, poor communication, disagreements and conflicts—and can thwart teams from reaching their full potential, and ultimately organizational or financial success.

In Episode 40 of HR Works:  The Podcast for Human Resources, trainer and coach Justin Maust explains his belief that there’s a root cause to all of these symptoms.  He says our teams are suffering because team members and leaders alike are settling for the status quo in their performance, in their work relationships, and in their life in general.  He calls it Habitual Mediocrity–and he’s developed a process to overcome it.  He shares insights from his program, 7 Practices for Building Powerful Teams, to help you get started on the path to creating and fostering successful workplace teams.